Today, the label of “Montessori” attached to a school serves as a large umbrella under which many varying interpretations of the method lie. Some schools are extremely formal, with a very strict approach to teaching. Others simply use a few specialized Montessori materials with little else resembling a Montessori classroom.

At PMC, we pride ourselves on being a progressive Montessori Center. Under the guidance of highly trained Montessori accredited teachers, students at PMC gain self-esteem, self-reliance and self-discipline in a trusting, loving atmosphere.

While academics play an important part of our daily curriculum, each child learns at his/her own pace in a non-threatening, non-competitive way. We have not, however, lost sight of the fact that our students are still very small children. It is for this reason that our approach is more relaxed, and a child’s day at PMC is also filled with fun, creativity and imagination. As our skilled instructors provide an abundance of individualized as well as group instruction, they also emphasize social interaction and play. By following this approach, we achieve balance, focusing on all aspects of the total child.  We are a community devoted to illuminating a child’s sense of importance and value, where uniqueness, independence and self-confidence can flourish – a place where individuality and differences are welcome and appreciated.